Christian Todze - CEO & Founder

When I first came in US, my attachment to my calling as a Minister led me to join African Revival Fellowship, a faith-based Organization where I served as Vice president until now. I’m also the Director of the Discipleship Program. My goal-oriented outlook on life and my passion for helping others reach their goals, led me join the John Maxwell Team and got certified as a speaker, a coach, and a trainer and began my independent business. My focus is to provide strategic support to businesses and individuals such as organizational leadership, ministry leadership, team building, personal growth and development. I enjoy being a part of lives of others and desires for them to be successful, providing workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, training, coaching, and constructive feedback to ensure they never cease to pursue their dreams and set tangible goals and objectives. I am passionate about maintaining a positive mindset and lives by the conviction that “Whatever you feed Grows”

My goal is to help my clients become better leaders, be intentional with their growth plan, increase their self-awareness, be accountable, build their confidence, and reject their limiting beliefs, establish goals, make strategic plans, identify and eliminate barriers.

I’m married to Angele, my beautiful wife. We have three beautiful children, Emmanuella, Ezekiel, and Daniella. I live in Virginia. After serving my clients, I preach also the Gospel of Jesus-Christ.

I can serve both his French-speaking clients and English-speaking clients.

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Christian Todze - Motivational Speaker
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